Our policy at Water Farm is for our animals to be happy and healthy, and the atmosphere for our livery owners to be friendly and relaxed but professional.
We offer a flexible range of livery packages which can be tailored to your individual needs. Our standard packages are:

  • Full Livery
  • Training Livery
  • Grass Livery
  • Re-schooling, breaking and backing
  • Holidays and sales

We have a worming policy and all new horses must be wormed on arrival. They will then join the programme and be wormed at the appropriate interval. Wormers will be added to the monthly livery bill.

All horses are required to have 3rd party and public liability insurance and up to date ‘flu & tetanus vaccinations.

Full Livery

We provide a comprehensive Full Livery package comprising of:


  • Haylage
  • Hard feed
  • A general purpose supplement

Special supplements, specific coarse mixes & additional feeds to be supplied by owners or by arrangement with management.



All boxes are matted with special porous Drainoflex mats which drain the wet away, leaving boxes dry, warm and soft at all times. We provide barley straw for bedding. Shavings by special arrangement.


  • Use of the indoor arena
  • Use of the outdoor arena
  • Off road hacking on private land

Services included in the package

  • Mucking out
  • Daily turn-out (weather permitting
  • Bring in, wash off legs and pick-out feet
  • Removing droppings from paddock
  • Feeding morning/lunch/evening as appropriate
  • Members of staff are available to hold your horse for the farrier or routine veterinary treatment
  • Professional advice always available


Additional services available by negotiation

  • Lunging sessions using various appropriate aids
  • Ridden exercise
  • Trimming
  • Clipping
  • Competition turnout
  • Tack cleaning
  • Rug cleaning

Training Livery

We also provide Training Livery which includes all of the standard Full Livery services plus:

  • Lunging sessions as appropriate
  • Ridden training
  • Taking horse and rider to competitions
  • Competition turnout
  • Care on the day



Grass Livery

Grass Livery may be available between 1st April and 30th October for horses or ponies to live out in our extensive pastures. Contact us to check availability.

Use of arenas (subject to availability) can be arranged.


Re-schooling, breaking and backing

We take in horses of all ages and levels and provide expert training. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the specific needs of you and your horse.

Holidays and sales

Horses and ponies are also taken in for short term holiday livery and preparation for sale. We will be pleased to cater for you and your equine’s individual needs.

Classical Riding Club Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)